Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Wars Trivia Series Published

My new Star Trivia series has been published and is available. I'm sure many cachers are currently going through the movies looking for the answers to the trivia questions. This cache was a lot of fun putting together, and even more fun placing.

The location is incredible. I honestly could not believe that no caches were active here, but I'm glad. Because I could place this series at one of the best water resevoir parks in Okinawa. This place is incredible.

The best part which fit nicely with this series was a very nice set up of constellation charts, a sun dial, and other things meant for star gazing. Very cool. I honestly didn't plan it this way. I showed up at the site, saw this and was amazed at how well this fit together. Perhaps destiny had a hand in this one.

Looking forward to see who FTFs the 7th cache in this series, as that person will have had to find the other 6 caches and figure out the answers to the trivia questions placed in those containers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Upcoming puzzle cache series

With PoC published and a few ammo cans still left in my possession, I began to think up what I could do next for a puzzle cache.

I really enjoyed making the Space Pigs series, but I have gotten a little tired of using cryptography as a means of hiding the true coordinates. I've also done a few other caches that required trivia to be answered, and thought this would be a good idea. But what to do my trivia themed around?

That question only took about 5 minutes for me to answer, and 30 minutes later I was at the store picking up supplies to create this next puzzle cache series.

However, there is the question of location. With most of the prime geocaching locations taken for a large series to be placed in the area where I live, I set my sites at untouched areas of the island and found the perfect location. I just hope it remains untouched by the time I'm ready to place these caches.

I haven't scouted the area out other than through Google Maps, but the area looks very promising. This next series will employ some techniques that have been used at various other locations on this island. I'm picking the ones I really like and throwing them together to create this series.

Look forward to publication in the weeks to come.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pirates of Cryptography Published

My latest puzzle cache was published today. Pirates of Cryptography (GC20MBK) will test the cacher's ability to solve cryptographic puzzles (as well as their patience).

Their is a surprise waiting for the cacher when they make the find. I can't wait to see the log for the FTF.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Puzzle Solvers Beware

After placing a multi-cache and a traditional cache, I feel drawn back to the world of puzzles.

I'm conjuring up my next puzzle cache. It should prove to be quite a challenge, and will incorporate several types of encryption techniques. Fair warning: I'm not holding back on this like I did on Return of the Space Pigs, so you'll need to brush up on your knowledge of cryptology if you plan to go after this next cache.

The only obstacle that is currently preventing me from making the hide is location. With several medium sized ammo cans in my possession, I will be using one, but this narrows down the choices for me, as I don't want to travel to far from home to make the hide. Sorry, I'm lazy when it comes to driving and like places that I can quickly get to by car.

So with that in mind, I'm considering a few locations. Unfortunately mother nature has made things interesting with a typhoon brushing past us right now to the south, so I'll have to wait to do some recon work on where to place this next cache.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Cold

My first multi-cache has been published. I was trying to make it into a 5-stage multi-cache, but the presence of other caches in the area that I wanted to place it prevented me from making it 5, so I had to settle with 4.

With an extra container sitting in my hands, I felt obligated to create another cache. I found a nice location right off the highway and my first traditional cache was born.

The multi-cache is called Frosty the Snowman, and the traditional is called Jack Frost. I'm sure I'll see an FTF on Jack Frost in the next few hours as it is only a 1-star terrain. However, I think one would be very obsessed to try and go after Frosty the Snowman after dark.

Frosty covers terrain that has sudden drop-offs, paths that aren't marked well, banana spiders everywhere, and uses some crafty hide techniques that won't be divulged for quite awhile. I rated it a 5-star difficulty due to the containers used, and a 4-star terrain due to the various places that the cacher must travel to. All in all, the total distance that the cacher will have to travel in finding this cache is roughly between 3~5 kilometers, depending on the paths chosen and amount of time trudging around the GZs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Return of the Space Pigs Published

The last cache in my Space Pigs series has passed reviewed and is now published. It is cache GC1YP5F. Those who go through this series will notice that each one builds on the previous. So in other words its a good idea to do them in order.

With the new cache published, I now eagerly await to see who will clam the most coveted FTF. The FTF cacher will find 2 unactivated geocoins as a reward for the hard work in solving the puzzles, and equally hard effort for going after the cache. One of the GCs provides a fitting end to this series.

Now on to hide my multicache!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coming Soon - My First Multicache Hide

While creating the Space Pigs series, I started getting the idea for my first multicache hide (and perhaps my only one).

However, I can't take credit for the ideas of the stages without giving credit to both Dawgdoc and The Muggle Family, whose hide techniques opened my eyes to possibilities, and gave me enough material from which to work to make these containers.

There will be 5 stages, and the hide techniques already have this at a 5-star difficulty. Depending on the location I choose, look forward to a terrain rating of at least 3 stars (I'll be shooting for 4).

Space Pigs Geocaching Series

Winding down in my first geocaching series (well geocache hides for that matter) and I wanted to go all out. First I wanted to make sure that the puzzle was especially difficult, and then I wanted to find a place that had some challenging terrain.

The puzzle was an easy find and fit nicely into the series. A nice end to a series that I've enjoyed creating.

The location is proving to be a bit trickier. I found a nice location (I thought). Really cool tree growing out of the rocks that was reminiscent of a bonsai tree, but then the reviewer told me that it was too close to another geocache. Ah! I think I may have found a nice alternate location. Will find out this weekend when I trek out there. The hike for this last one is significant, and the terrain will leave many questioning whether they should go after it at night.

If you are a geocacher on Okinawa, like puzzles and hikes, then please check out my Space Pigs series.

For those that are following this series, if you're looking forward to the publishing of my 3rd and final cache in this series, then I'll let you in on a little secret -- I highly recommend completing the puzzles for Space Pigs and Space Pigs Strike Back first.