Saturday, November 7, 2009

Upcoming puzzle cache series

With PoC published and a few ammo cans still left in my possession, I began to think up what I could do next for a puzzle cache.

I really enjoyed making the Space Pigs series, but I have gotten a little tired of using cryptography as a means of hiding the true coordinates. I've also done a few other caches that required trivia to be answered, and thought this would be a good idea. But what to do my trivia themed around?

That question only took about 5 minutes for me to answer, and 30 minutes later I was at the store picking up supplies to create this next puzzle cache series.

However, there is the question of location. With most of the prime geocaching locations taken for a large series to be placed in the area where I live, I set my sites at untouched areas of the island and found the perfect location. I just hope it remains untouched by the time I'm ready to place these caches.

I haven't scouted the area out other than through Google Maps, but the area looks very promising. This next series will employ some techniques that have been used at various other locations on this island. I'm picking the ones I really like and throwing them together to create this series.

Look forward to publication in the weeks to come.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pirates of Cryptography Published

My latest puzzle cache was published today. Pirates of Cryptography (GC20MBK) will test the cacher's ability to solve cryptographic puzzles (as well as their patience).

Their is a surprise waiting for the cacher when they make the find. I can't wait to see the log for the FTF.