Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Wars Trivia Series Published

My new Star Trivia series has been published and is available. I'm sure many cachers are currently going through the movies looking for the answers to the trivia questions. This cache was a lot of fun putting together, and even more fun placing.

The location is incredible. I honestly could not believe that no caches were active here, but I'm glad. Because I could place this series at one of the best water resevoir parks in Okinawa. This place is incredible.

The best part which fit nicely with this series was a very nice set up of constellation charts, a sun dial, and other things meant for star gazing. Very cool. I honestly didn't plan it this way. I showed up at the site, saw this and was amazed at how well this fit together. Perhaps destiny had a hand in this one.

Looking forward to see who FTFs the 7th cache in this series, as that person will have had to find the other 6 caches and figure out the answers to the trivia questions placed in those containers.