Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cache Adoptions

With cacher M&L+3 announcing that they would soon be leaving the island and putting up all of the caches they own in Okinawa up for adoption, I saw this as a rare opportunity to take over ownership for caches that I have found and wished to see stay alive.

With the adoption process complete on several of their caches, I hope that these caches will have many more finds in the future.

Safe travels M&L+3!

Dinner with Biggles Bear

On Friday, I had the rare opportunity to meet an Australian cacher who has been caching since 2002. Cacher Biggles Bear and his wife met with my family, hexman1999, and I for dinner in Naha. They came to Japan to travel up to Tokyo to visit with family, but first visited the island of Okinawa to do some caching.

After visiting the island for 3 days, they said the definitely want to come back to find more of the caches on the island.

We had a wonderful time meeting with them and sharing caching stories.