Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full of Caching Event

We had a wonderful time yesterday with everyone at the event. We ran into a few cachers while out searching for the 14 new caches hidden across central Okinawa.

In the end my family and I were able to log 5 FTFs, STF for the event, and only DNF'd two of the caches.

We loved the locations and appreciate all who put their time and money into this to make this possible.

I believe it may be my turn at bat to host the next event.

Well, you all know I'm a puzzler. Perhaps I'll coordinate with The Muggle Family.......

Friday, February 26, 2010

Appreciation for the logical way

The logical way would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the staff at Conceptis Ltd.

Conceptis Ltd. has grown to be the number one supplier of logic puzzles to magazine and newspaper publishers world wide, and offers all of their puzzle products for play online. Puzzlers have the option of either solving the puzzle online through an interactive script or printing the puzzle out and solving it on paper.

I have known the president of the company, Dave Green, for 7 years now and over time I have helped out the company by moderating a forum on their website called Puzzling in Japan.

I approached Dave a month ago asking if Conceptis could create a custom picture-forming logic puzzle where the solution would give the coordinates to the first stage of the geocache. Dave suggested using the puzzle type link-a-pix as this would be the best type of puzzle for hiding the solution before the puzzle was solved. I agreed and asked that the puzzle be at a medium-level of difficulty.

The result was superb! I was very pleased with how the puzzle turned out. My heartfelt thanks to Dave and the staff at Conceptis for the creation of this puzzle and for allowing me to use some of their other puzzles in creating the many stages of this geocache.

So for those of you who love logic puzzles and finding a geocache, head on down south close to Naha and start trying to decipher the logical way!

A logical way and Bisons released

The logical way was successfully published and 3 days later T Muggle logged the FTF. However, this really doesn't detract from the difficulty of this cache. T Muggle is an avid puzzler who eats these things for breakfast.

I've had a couple of messages from other cachers who have started this one. There was some difficulty with the first stage for one cacher, and as a result of his ingenuity I decided to go out and fix the issue that may present itself to other seekers. The issue was when retrieving the container from its hiding spot, one may accidentally knock the container out of reach.

In addition to The Logical Way being published, I also put a traditional cache close by at the only ice skating rink in Okinawa.

I also just had my second multicache published. If you've looked at my profile in detail, you'll notice that I own more than just 2 multicaches. The others I have adopted from other cachers leaving the island soon.

I wasn't planning to put another multicache out, but when organizing my cache container materials the other day, this one just stood out as needing to be done. So with a couple of bisons in hand and a small lock-n-lock, I put together a 3-stage multicache and let the bisons roam free.

How long will this one stay unfound, we'll see.....

Monday, February 15, 2010

A different type of logic

It's coming. My most challenging puzzle cache to-date. With T Muggle on island putting out the challenging Professor Hilbert series, I realized it was time to pull this one off the back burner and fire it up.

Will it stand up against Hilbert, not measure up, or take off soaring? The cachers will be the judge. I hope to beat out T Muggle though with the longest period without an FTF after publication. We'll see.

I'll give recognition in my next post once this one has been published to the folks who helped me out by making the custom puzzle for this cache. Let's just say I know some folks in the puzzling community who do this sort of thing for a living.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hiding Follies

It's been an interesting month caching. I attempted to hide a geocache in a very nice park along a walking path. Using a combination of puzzling techniques, the seeker would decode where to start at, then another decoded hint gave the distance to the actual cache in meters as well as the elevation from sea level that the cache was sitting at.

Little did I know that there was a massive amount of tombs nearby, and a few unlucky first seekers encountered some eerie sights as well as a run-in with Johnnie Law. A decision was quickly made that a cache should just not exist here unless you can give exact coordinates to it, something that will be very difficult since the signal bounce from the cliffs is atrocious. As a result, I had created my shortest lived cache titled Lucky Number 8 as it was archived.

Retrieving the container, I went ahead and put it at a location very close to where I live. I came up with a new type of puzzle that is based on other puzzling logic. Connect the Dots was published and T Muggle made quick work of the cache for an FTF. The puzzle has stumped a few veteran cachers on the island, so I'm glad I have placed a challenging puzzle in a kid-friendly location.