Sunday, March 21, 2010

An article published

As part of the work on The Logical Way, Conceptis, the company who created the puzzle for me, asked that I write an article on the experience of hiding this Geocache for them to publish on their website.

After several weeks of revisions, we finally were able to get the article finalized, and it was published just the other day.

Go here to read how things went with the hide.

Puzzle Geocaching in Okinawa: The Logical Way

Spoiler Alert!!! The article contains some big spoilers on how to find The Logical Way.

Don't Panic

To say the least. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series was one of those ideas that I never really thought I'd pull off the back burner and put into action.

I mean honestly. Who in their right mind would decide to hide 42 containers?

Well, fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) for me, the person who introduced me to Geocaching is almost as crazy as I am. When I told him that I wanted to do a series as a farewell tribute to dawgdoc1, he asked me if I had any ideas.

For some reason this one popped into my head, and hexman1999 and I began to put this plan into action.

But how to execute?

Well, we decided that he would purchase and own 21 geocaches and I would purchase and own the other 21 geocaches, and then these geocaches would lead, through mathematics, to a 43rd geocache called Deep Thought.

Deep Thought was a container given to me by dawgdoc1. I did the same for M&L+3 as a farewell by taking a container I obtained from his Full of Caching event and using it as the last stage in Arrows Point the Way. I wanted to do the same for dawgdoc1.

So with 42 containers, plus the one for Deep Thought, in hand, we set out to a northern area of the island that has remained largely untouched. Well, not in the history of geocaching on Okinawa. There have been other geocaches at this locale, but at the present there was nothing.

We hid about half of the containers in a day, and then decided to post these. However, the reviewer didn't like the idea as it went against the Groundspeak guideline that one owner not own too many geocaches in a certain location in an attempt to just boost the numbers.

So we had to think. How about multis? We asked the reviewer if we could use the same number of containers, but reduce the number of actual geocaches down to 6 multis, one titled after each book in the series (the last one not having been written by Douglas for you fellow fans out there). He said that would work, so the next week we got out and created the 6 multi-caches that would lead to Deep Thought.

I thought that it might take awhile before someone logged the FTFs on these 6 multis, as each one took us a little over an hour to hide. However, lexie1969 proved me wrong and logged the FTF for the 6th one just yesterday.

But now the math. Will lexie1969 be able to compute the numbers correctly to derive the true coords to Deep Thought, be able to time things right to make it to the location, and actually find his favorite type of container that was used for Deep Thought, or will dawgdoc1 emerge victorious in this tribute to his efforts to promote Geocaching on Okinawa?

Keep an eye on Deep Thought to find out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dawgs and Caches

With the exception of the ones located on the Keramas, I adopted the last of DawgDoc's caches this past week.

Last evening our families got together for a very enjoyable evening and we laughed over caching stories, how we each were introduced into caching, and to approach caching in Okinawa. It was amazing how much we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of things, and I received a lot of good advice from him on how to host events as well as some other ideas for hiding cache containers.

We'll miss Doc and his family as they head to the States for a few years. He is an avid supporter of geocaching that really helped boost interest in it here in Okinawa by placing many geocaches across the island, hosting a number of events, and always ensuring that a cache was populated with trackables.

Remember, trade up, trade even, or don't trade. Thanks Doc! We'll miss you.

Arrows show the way

Arrows Show the Way was published on Friday, and on Saturday Bobby_MD was able to log the FTF for it.

While I was hoping that M&L+3 would have an opportunity to go after the FTF, I learned that he is packing out this weekend and has his final inspection for his living quarters (for those of you who have been through this, you understand). Hopefully he'll be able to log a find on this one before he leaves Okinawa.

However, he's not going to far, so hopefully we'll see him caching down here again in the future.

For those seeking this cache just remember, the arrows show the way. In other words, there is an arrow close by a container or you'll have to use arrows to figure out the location of a container.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Idea

For those of you that know my puzzles, the title probably has you groaning again over what I've thought up this time.

Well, it's not too bad, unless you absolutely have a hard time seeing the types of puzzles used in this next cache that I'm putting out.

I'm putting this one out very soon so M&L+3 has a chance at the FTF before leaving island. He was the inspiration for it, so I want to make sure he has a chance to get it too.

What was the inpiration you ask? Well, it comes from a post he wrote on my Facebook page in response to puzzle caches.

"I'm a follow the arrow kind of guy."

Thanks Matt, you've truly inspired the deviousness on this one. I will comply and let you follow the arrows.