Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think I've done it

Well, I unintentionally think I've created probably the hardest puzzle cache to solve on this island, so far. Of course I'm considering any future work by The Muggle Family, but until then I may beat his record of number of days without a find.

The funniest thing is that this one was really easy to create. Everytime I've created a puzzle cache, I've tried to theme the cache around a different subject.

For example, the Space Pigs series was based upon the Pigpen cipher that added another new layer with each new cache in the series. The Star Wars cache series was based on Star Wars trivia. The Logical Way was themed off of puzzles that the company Conceptis produces. They created a custom one that was the first stage of that.

Avatar seemingly appears to be based on the movie. Yes, that is the on-the-surface theme, but is also the start of the actual theme of the puzzle, obfuscation.

I won't divulge any more information though at this time as I know there are several cachers who have teamed up to try and crack this one, and I'm sure they are keeping a close eye on anything that I may post anywhere.

Be it as it may, Deciding to post anymore hints may prove useless. However, I'll keep doing so in the hopes that Avatar will be found before my birthday next month.