Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Podcacher broadcst

Seems I've caught the attention of the folks at There's a segment this week on my puzzle cache The Logical Way. You can listen to the pocast here:

The segment on The Logical Way begins at 19:41.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thoughts on Detailed Statistics

It's amazing nowadays what you can extrapolate from GPX files using downloadable statistics generators. These include MacDefender, GSBuilder, and CacheStats. Of course these take the effort to maintain, but not much is involved in getting the data updated.

After posting detailed statistics onto my caching profile for some time now, I sat back and really thought about it. Why am I bragging? Is it to show myself how awesome I think I might be (which my wife will ostensibly argue against if she even catches wind that I might be thinking this way)? Is it to show others what I've accomplished (which I doubt anyone might care to drudge down into)? So if for not these reasons, then why? I honestly couldn't answer it since the whole reason why I have enjoyed Geocaching from the get-go isn't being able to log my name in a notebook, trade SWAG, or collect coins (which however is very cool), but has always been about the path taken to the cache, the location, and the hiding technique used. All of which make Geocaching very cool.

So after thinking things through (which I'm sometimes very slow at), I decided to remove all that hub-bub off my cache page. That's not to say I won't keep tabs on my Japan and worldwide ranking, or go after an FTF opportunity when it's afforded to me, but to hound over every miniscule detail (honestly, do I really care about the shortest log I've written?) I've found to take away from the actual enjoyment of getting out on the trail, listening to my GPSr beep at me as I near a cache, and find the hidden location which finally reveals the result of the effort I've put forth.

Ah, Geocaching. I think this deserves a haiku.

GPS in hand,
Coords and info lead the way,
Geocaching rules!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Impossible Puzzle - Mysterious Enigma Continues to Elude

Thoughts on this new cache I've created. Ah, so many things thrown into it, it gets muddy after awhile, or at least you will be after completing the many stages. I've yet to hear of anyone making it past the puzzle on the cache page yet. Although there could be someone out there who has and is keeping silent for the moment.

Or perhaps those who have solved my previous puzzles are looking at this and thinking about giving up if they haven't already. I know of one who has stopped watching the cache. So now there are five on the watchlist. It's too bad I can't see who those five are as the CO. That would be nice.

Perhaps I should say this, if you think the puzzle on the cache page is bad, it does get worse before you'll be able to log a find. However, I think if you can solve the first puzzle, the remaining elements of the cache will become a little simpler to solve.

While no hints will be given for this, I've begun to give out some of my sources of inspiration, and will probably continue to do so based on some time interval as the weeks pass by with no logged finds.

Yes Tim, I know where you are, and I believe you'll be able to take your time on this upon your return.

Until then, I offer the best of luck to all of you and can refer you to one of the best neurologists on the island should you require his services.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Mysterious Enigma

My final puzzle cache has published.

It is wrought with both mental and physical challenges.

Good luck to all of you who attempt to find this.

Remember, no hints, ever.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last Puzzle Cache Progress

Yes, this is my last one. I am unleashing evil that should never be unleashed, so naturally I will subsequently make enemies with anyone that even attempts to solve and find this one that I have decided I will not make anymore puzzle caches where I am currently at (not to say if I do actually move out of here in the future I will unleash my evil ways upon another unsuspecting crowd of cachers).

This cache is hard, and I don't mean hard in an eventually you'll solve it kind of way, but hard in the sense that you'll want to hit either your head or my head against something very hard whilst trying to solve this. My wife thinks what I've devised is evil. Friends of mine have said it's evil. Well, when you have to get so creative that you create your own method of key generation for encryption, yeah I guess that could be construed as evil.

But then again, with the current group of cachers on the island, perhaps this one is solvable.

I dunno. It has been a bear putting it together, so I can only imagine what it will be to solve it.

Look forward to it publishing in the next few weeks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I thought I did it

Well, good things come and go very quickly. I thought I had created a difficult puzzle cache, but then it turns out that Tim would create one even harder. I won't begin to describe the evil genious involved in Professor Hilbert #5, but it was a very difficult and fun cache to solve.

Anyway, the Avatar cache went 8 days without a find. Some say it was due to the mistake in the binary, but whatever the case, I had thought I'd beat out Tim on number of days without a find, that is until Hilbert #5 came out.

So sitting back after several cachers teamed up together to conquer Avatar and did so successfully (you know who you are), I was talking with Hexman about the difficulties of my caches. His opinion was that I hadn't really put out a true 5-star difficulty cache yet.

Now don't blame him for this next part, as I was already thinking of a way to try and topple Tim's new record.

I then thought to myself, why not just pull out all the stops and create the most difficult puzzle cache that I could think to devise (while still providing an actual solution)? So with plans in the works, I have begun down this path.

Several things are inspiring me on this quest.

There are so many things being thrown into this new cache that I am taking my time to ensure there are no mistakes. I would really hate to have someone actually find one.

With that said, there will be a couple of things unique to this cache (keep these in mind as you begin to solve it):

- I will give no hints. None of any kind. No freebies and no indications that you're heading down the right path.

- This one will be open to everyone. I don't care who's looking at it, how many times they've looked at it, or if anyone is looking at it. If it stays unsolved, so be it.

- This will be my last puzzle cache for a very long time (meaning several years). If it gets toppled by someone else's devious, then oh well.

- Every cache is located on land. Nothing will be over a 4-star difficulty in terrain.

- There will be so many red herrings you'll loathe the smell of fish when you're finished.

Expect this one to post sometime in the next month or so.