Thursday, July 15, 2010

Totally Tubular archived and Premium Caches

I couldn't believe it. I read the found log for Totally Tubular by G8RFamily the other day and they reported that all contents of the cache were gone and only a slip of paper was in the cache with the message "thanks for your present". Now this cache wasn't just out in the open where it could be easily found. It was in the knot of a tree, slightly off the beaten path. The container was camo'd with camo tape. Inside the knot it looked like a leaf. Additionally, on most mugglings cache containers and all their contents are taken with little or no trace left behind. In this case, the container was placed back carefully where it had been hidden. All contents to include trackables, swag, and the log book were taken from this cache. Then the thief was so low that they took a piece of paper out of the log book and wrote the message on it, leaving only this in the cache container.

I have to say that whoever did this had a knowledge of geocaching, and perhaps planned this muggling out. Well, if the thief is reading this and was wanting to take a stab at me, you missed. This was a dawgdoc cache that I adopted. Some time, money and effort went into this cache by the Doc.

Well as a deterrent to protect the other 100 or so caches that I own, I've made all of them premium member only caches. If you're not a premium member, sorry, you won't be able to find and log 20% of the caches on Okinawa anymore. If I see this happen again in this manner (I'm taking into consideration the occasional random muggling), then I will seriously consider archiving the really good containers in order to protect the caches, their contents and the integrity of this game. That is if there's any of it left.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pirates of Geocaching Event

Well, the event turned out to be a success. We had a great turn out and were able to greet many new cachers to the island. A few were coming to the event with no geocache finds, so this was a great way to introduce them to the game.

Dawgdoc and family were able to make it and join in the festivities. A big thanks to Doc for all that he did in helping with the event by supplying the pirate-themed geocoins and the mini treasure chests that were used in the caching portion of the event.

Even though the sun was beating down on us, we had plenty of water, shade, and a nice breeze to keep the air moving. With the Jolly Roger hoisted, this event was one to be remembered.

I also gave a hint at the event after being threatened with walking the plank if I didn't for my latest puzzle cache A Mysterious Enigma. However, no restrictions were placed on how I could give the hint, so since I had originally said I wouldn't be giving any hints for the cache I decided to make it interesting. I took the hint and hid it in a stereogram (magic 3D) puzzle. I printed this out and then cut it into a 40-piece jigsaw puzzle. I took the puzzle, wrapped it in a message with the Mysterious Enigma symbol (seen on the cache page), put it in a magnetic container, and stuck it inside a guardrail next to the parking area for the event. At the end of the event, I announced that I would be giving a hint. It was amazing how quickly conversations ended and I had a horde of cachers eagerly waiting to hear what I had to say. I then announced the coordinates and suddenly we were short several cachers.

Several minutes passed before a few of them straggled back giving me sidelong glances as if to say, "Figures you'd do something like that...." In the end they got the puzzle together but a hitch was encountered that I hadn't anticipated. The reassembled puzzle showed the solution as a double image. Very confusing, so after I confirmed that they had put it together correctly I went ahead and told them what it said.

With that a few of them clued in and today one solved the first layer and made it to the first stage. Good job! You've now started your tumble down the rabbit hole.

Once A Mysterious Enigma has been found, I'll post this hint on the cache page.

Well, I'm glad to hear everyone had a great time.