Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welconing back the WB

Had a great time at the event last night. Got to meet WB and several other cachers.

Turns out that a couple of cachers (Lexie, Hex) had plans to toss me in the pool, but when they found out that I had my cell phone on me they didn't relish the thought of having to pay me back if it got damaged. Thank you AU! Anyway, DDRAMS told me of a cache that should go public here today or tomorrow that will definitely help those stuck on A.M.E. I didn't help him with it, I promise. He was simply inspired by the same work that was part of my inspiration for A.M.E.

I also got to meet Gagl and his son (little G). Why is it whenever I hear his caching name I'm reminded of this clip from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum?

Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, I finally came across my first habu. Well, actually it was a himehabu which are less aggressive.

This snake was laying straight as an arrow on a wide path in the woods. I almost stepped on it and was able (somehow) to jump over without getting bitten. I think I startled it and that was the only advantage I had.

Well, on the way back to my car, I saw an Okinawan tree lizard.

A much welcome sight after the snake encounter.

To say the least I think I'll wait until this weather has a chance to really dry out before I head out on the trail next time.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 14th of September

Well, there's no other way to describe a day like that. I started the day by traveling north to replace the containers for Star Wars Trivia 1 through 6 and to replace the lock on number 7. Of course the weather decided to pour rain down on me, and only me mind you as I looked not but a kilometer away and saw blue sky.

Then I traveled to the final location of A.M.E. to drop off the new unactivated coins for the FTF. After narrowly avoiding getting bitten by a mamushi snake after I startled it from its resting place in the middle of the path, I continued to traverse the path around many fallen trees from the recent typhoon, and yes it was raining there too.

After all of this adventure I was hungry, so on my way back I stopped by for a cheeseburger and then hid two new geocaches. My latest puzzle Quicksilver and a traditional called Pumpkin's Hunt. I picked up the container idea for Pumpkin's Hunt while back in the States.

So what did I learn from my day of adventure? Really watch for snakes, they blend in so well you hardly notice them until it's too late. Take my time even when I know where I'm going. And, never stop caching over a little thing like an encounter with one of the most venomous snakes to be found in Japan.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new puzzle cache idea is forming in my mind

You may be saying at this point, "but Larzanth, didn't you say that AME would be your last puzzle cache for a very long time?" Yes I did, until I got this idea. This will take time to develop as I need to figure out how to make my idea a reality.

It won't be as involved or as difficult as AME. However, it will probably still be a 4-star difficulty or higher. Sorry, I like creating the challenges, like the one Ash created that I still haven't been able to figure out yet (one layer two keys, yeah right).

Anyway, it will be a single stage once you solve the puzzle for those of you who know me, and everything you need to solve the puzzle will be readily accessible from the cache page.

Now, do I recommend skipping AME and holding out for this? Absolutely not! AME is very rewarding in the end and will introduce you to a level of puzzle creation that will make solving this next one a whole lot easier for you. I've also thrown in so many unactivated geocoins for the FTF for AME, that competition SHOULD still be fierce to find it. I'm not rewarding you with just money, but with coins that are rare to find and only available for purchase through a membership.

Now as for the prize for solving this next one? Hmm, haven't really decided on it yet. I'm sure I'll think of something though by the time it's ready to go live.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

This year talk like a pirate day is being held on September 19th. It's a Sunday, my day off, and I've decided that I'll be showing up at GZ for my cache Pirates of Cryptography at 3 pm.

I won't be showing up at the swimming pool where the fake coords will take you, but at the real coords that you can find by solving the layers of crypto that can be found in the puzzle on the cache page.

Now why would I do this? To welcome anyone hardy enough to solve the puzzle to Pirates to show up and be allowed (1) to ask me one, mind you only one, question pertaining to any of my puzzle caches. Short of "Could you give me the real coordinates?", I will answer almost any question posed including questions on my latest puzzle cache, A Mysterious Enigma, which I've aptly nicknamed AME (pronounced like the name Amy). I'll also be on site to (2) help anyone who hasn't log this log it, as it is a bit tricky for those who have been to GZ and have come up empty handed.

So remember, Sunday, September 19th, 3 pm at the real GZ of Pirates of Cryptography weather permitting.

See you there landlubbers!