Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puzzle Solving Techniques

Solving Geocache puzzles sometimes seems daunting, but there is always a few things to keep in mind.

You will ulitmately be deriving a set of coordinates to the cache. The cache cannot physically be placed more than 2 miles from the posted fake coordinates. Rules forbid this, and reviewers don't allow it.

Everything on a cache page is suspect when it comes to a puzzle cache. Think about it. The HTML, text in different colors, using elements on the cache page itself. Perhaps the name of the cache, the GC identification code. There's more than one way to hide something, believe me as I've solved some very interesting ones and created some of my own.

Is there a hint? Use it.

The cardinal rule to most crypto puzzles. There must be three elements to solve. The encrypted text, the method, and a key. How and when these are presented is entirely up to the puzzle creator.

And finally it's a puzzle cache. Nobody said they would be easy. Puzzle caches usually take time to solve and will not be found quickly. Don't worry, the container is most likely there if the cache owner did their homework on the location where it is hidden and closely followed the rules on cache placement.