Monday, November 25, 2013

The end of a winding road

As my season of Geocaching enters into winter, I have produced my last puzzle, Larzanth's Labyrinth.

I am also in the midst of creating my last set of events. The 2nd one in the series was held on 11 November. Modeled off of the Hunger Games series of books, the final event will be held next year in November.

If you've read the books, then you may have an idea of what I have in store for next year. I have hinted at it quite a bit at events, so perhaps you'll be better prepared for this. If you've solved my puzzles, found any of my caches, or attended any of my events, then you know I never settle for mediocre.

The Caching Games is my penultimate series of events. They will be the last that I host.

As twilight begins to fade on this chapter in my life, I look towards the horizon. With archives on the way, I face new challenges as I move into the next level of my journey. What, did you think I would stay on level 14 forever? Game on!