Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting to 1000 Finds

I realized that the only way to end my time of serious Geocaching would be to make one final epic run of finds. So, I've decided to make it to 999 before my 40th birthday, and on my birthday, I plan to log my 1000th find.

Many a man worries about going over the hill. I race to the top, behold the view and look forward to what is on the other side.

While I will no longer be Geocaching on a rampant basis, the occasional one that might cross my path will not go unnoticed. However, the pace I was keeping for several years will go almost stagnant.

Geocaching helped bridge a season of my life that I had to pass through. Some refer to it as a mid-life crisis, but since I experienced it before my mid-life, I call it facing all of my fears and challenging myself beyond.

Be it snake, a daunting cliff, an embarrassing situation where I just don't belong, the growl of a challenging boar, or a spider the size of my hand staring me in the face, Geocaching has helped me come to the realization of who I am, what I am capable of, and what my limitations truly are.

I thank God I survived this chapter.